News – Royal Mail Group Develops Online Safe Spaces service to support victims of domestic abuse

Amid growing reports of domestic violence during lockdown[1], Royal Mail develops an ‘Online Safe Spaces’ portal, which can be installed on corporate websites for free. This discreet service helps abuse victims access support and advice, while leaving no internet history trace

Royal Mail Group has worked with crisis charity Hestia to develop an ‘Online Safe Spaces’ portal, which provides support for victims of domestic abuse.

‘Online Safe Spaces’ is a discreet portal, which can be installed on both internal and external company websites. It provides a variety of helpful support, advice and contact information to those at risk of or experiencing domestic abuse. It also features a quick exit button and leaves no internet history, ensuring the safety of those using the service.

The portal provides a host of information for victims; including when to dial 999, national helplines, local support groups and further useful links. It also includes a questionnaire to determine a person’s domestic abuse risk.

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