Press Release – Forced Marriage Unit Statistics 2023 – GOV.UK

The Forced Marriage Unit annual statistics 2023 release details the number and characteristics of cases reported to the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) via its public helpline and email inbox from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023.

The FMU logs all calls and emails received to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the records. The main categories of data that are captured by the FMU case log include (if volunteered, as some callers may wish to remain anonymous):

  • details of the caller/source of information
  • focus country
  • UK region where the victim/potential victim lives
  • gender, age, location and nationality of the person at risk
  • disability – be it physical, learning or both, and/or any condition that may affect mental capacity
  • sexual orientation (only if volunteered)

You can read the Forced Marriage Unit Statistics 2023 now, or first familiarise yourself with the document by reading the User Guide to Forced Marriage Unit Statistics 2023.

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