Webinar – Researching Strangulation – The Institute for Addressing Strangulation

A collaborative webinar designed to amplify the research efforts of the Institute for Addressing Strangulation.

This webinar on Researching Strangulation, hosted by the Institute for Addressing Strangulation on behalf of the VAWG Research Network, will provide attendees with an overview of the key messages related to strangulation more generally, before focusing specifically on the research-associated challenges and potential resolutions.

In June 2022, strangulation and suffocation were recognised as standalone offences within the Domestic Abuse Act (2021) across England and Wales. The introduction of this new legislation helped to make clear that strangulation and suffocation must be seen as serious and potentially lethal offences in their own right, even if they may not immediately lead to the death of the victim.

Date: Wed 5 June 2024

Time: 10:30 – 12:30

Place: Microsoft Teams

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About The Institute for Addressing Strangulation

At the Institute for Addressing Strangulation (IFAS), we aim to raise awareness of strangulation and the associated risks, conduct research, develop resources, and train professionals in responding to and supporting victims/survivors of these assaults.

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