Online Toolkit – How to Support Blind or Partially Sighted Victim-Survivors of Domestic Abuse – SafeLives

SafeLives have released two new resources to support blind or partially sighted survivors of Domestic Abuse, one for professionals and another that focuses specifically on creating accessible refuge spaces.

Toolkit: Responding to blind or partially sighted victim-survivors of domestic abuse

We have recently launched a new toolkit for professionals to respond effectively to survivors of domestic abuse who are blind or partially sighted.

Co-created with visually impaired survivors, this new guidance will improve services and safety for the 1 in 12 visually impaired people in the UK estimated to have experienced domestic abuse. Learn how domestic abuse presents for those with a visual impairment, as well as how to reduce barriers for victims accessing support.

Access the toolkit for professionals.

Toolkit: Creating accessible refuge spaces 

Working with our partner Chadd we have designed a toolkit for domestic violence practitioners to help create accessible refuge spaces for blind and partially sighted people. 

It has been designed to share across the UK, linking visually impaired support services to their local domestic abuse services, helping to make the journey smoother for blind and partially sighted people accessing refuge accommodation.

Download the online toolkit today or view the toolkit in a variety of other formats.

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