News – Women’s Aid launches ‘No More Years of Hurt’ campaign highlighting the spike in domestic abuse during big football games

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Last month, Women’s Aid launched the newest instalment of its award-winning ‘He’s Coming Home’ campaign, created in partnership with House 337. The campaign, which coincides with this summer’s Euros 2024 tournament, aims to shine a light on the darker side of major football championships, which could lead to an increase in domestic abuse.   

While football does not cause domestic abuse, existing abuse can intensify around tournaments like the Euros. Research by Lancaster University showed cases of domestic abuse increased by 38% when England lost a match and 26% when they won or drew.   

The goal of the awareness raising campaign is to highlight the ongoing epidemic of domestic abuse in the country, bringing what is often thought to be a ‘private’ issue into the public domain and sparking important conversations amongst football fans and supporters. Coming on the cusp of a general election, with levels of violence against women at their highest and funding for women’s services at an all-time low, the campaign aims to mobilise the public and move this issue further up the agenda to make domestic abuse intolerable in our society.  

The campaign features specially created classic football scarves imprinted with well-known football chants that have been subverted to highlight the domestic abuse emergency. The scarves are emblazoned with slogans, such as: “No More Years of Hurt,” “He’s Coming Home,” and “England Till I Die.” In addition to the slogans, the scarves are also interwoven with some of the common misogynistic terms and sayings that perpetuate domestic abuse. The words are not immediately noticeable but become clearer and more recognisable the longer you look, reflecting how domestic abuse in our society is hiding in plain sight. 

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