News – New campaign: experts call for image-based abuse law – End Violence Against Women Coalition (EVAW)

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The End Violence Against Women Coalition, #NotYourPorn and Professor Clare McGlynn are calling on the next government to protect women’s rights and freedoms online, in partnership with GLAMOUR magazine.

In a new campaign launched on 19th June 2024, the experts demand a dedicated Image-Based Abuse law to protect women’s rights to be safe online and offline. This must include measures to:

– Strengthen criminal laws about creating, taking and sharing intimate images without consent (including sexually explicit deepfakes)

– Improve civil laws for survivors to take action against perpetrators and tech companies (including taking down abusive content)

– Prevent image-based abuse through comprehensive relationships, sex and health education

– Fund specialist services that provide support to victims and survivors of image-based abuse

– Create an online abuse commission to hold tech companies accountable for image-based abuse

The campaign comes after a number of planned new laws to address this abuse fell through due to the calling of a general election.

Our key calls highlight the holes in the main political parties’ manifestos relating to image-based abuse, which barely scratch the surface of the reality and scale of the threat towards women and girls.

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