Survey – Supporting victim survivors of gambling-related domestic abuse – Durham University

Researchers from Durham University (led by Dr Mercy Denedo), Sheffield Hallam University, Cranfield University, Betknowmore UK, and Addressing Domestic Abuse are looking for research participants for the above-named project.

This project is informed by an expert advisory panel comprising women with lived experience, academics, domestic abuse practitioners and charities, and housing providers. The project is lead by Dr. Mercy Denedo (Durham University) in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, Cranfield University, Addressing Domestic Abuse (ADA) and Betknowmore UK. The project is funded by the Gambling Commission.

The research team are looking to undertake interviews and focus groups with a range of key stakeholders, including those working in the domestic abuse sector. Interviews will be held nationally and focus groups will be held in Durham/Newcastle, Liverpool, London and Birmingham. We are also asking housing providers if they could take a minute or so to complete the attached anonymous survey here

Interviews with victim-survivors are also taking place nationally. Research outputs will include a free toolkit for social housing (and other sectors) based on our findings, as well as a research report and policy proposals.

We want to talk to:

  •  women who live (or have lived) in social housing who have experience of gambling- related domestic abuse
  •  social housing providers with female residents impacted by gambling-related domestic abuse
  •  agencies who provide support to women impacted by gambling or domestic abuse.

Women with experience of gambling-related domestic abuse who participate in an interview with one of the researchers will be compensated for their time.

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