Events – Screwed: How the sex industry harms women – Nordic Model Now

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Date: Saturday, 15th June 2024

Time: 2 – 5pm GMT+1

Place: Birmingham B2 4QA

Come along to hear women who have lived experience of the sex trade about its reality once all the propaganda has been stripped away

“What would you do if your son was at home
Crying all alone on the bedroom floor
‘Cause he’s hungry?
And the only way to feed him is to
Sleep with a man for a little bit of money” [City High]

“Sex work is real work, a service not much different to waitressing or care work”, they say.

No, being paid to have sex with multiple strangers a day is in fact very different from serving coffee, emptying bedpans, and even dealing with a cruel boss. It comes with many risks and dangers.

Who or what is going to protect you when you’re alone with a punter behind closed doors? A punter who may want to act out on you, brutal practices he’s learnt from porn.

How would that impact you – today and down the line? And how does society’s acceptance of prostitution as ‘just a normal job’ affect how men view women? And how does that impact all women?

At this event, we will hear:

  • From women with lived experience about how the sex industry works and its lifelong impacts.
  • How easily young women are lured into the sex industry.
  • How the sex industry is using the latest technologies, like robots and AI, to increase its reach and profits – and where this is leading.

But most importantly, how can we put a stop to all of this and campaign for effective support and exit strategies?


Kellie Ziemba: A view from the inside and close beside. As someone with lived experience of the sex industry and as a leader of an organisation that supports, advocates for, and empowers women subject to or at risk of sexual exploitation, Kellie will discuss why women involved in prostitution need support and effective services and what this needs to involve.

Jenna: Hidden dangers. Drawing on her own experience of the sex trade, Jenna will talk about the dangers of ‘commercial sex’ websites like Adultwork and the myriad other harms of the sex industry that are often overlooked.

The incest to prostitution pipeline. A reading of writing by a young woman about her journey into prostitution and experience within it. (To be confirmed)

Heli St Luce: Holistic solutions. Heli will introduce the Nordic Model approach to prostitution and explain how it compares with the fully decriminalised approach that is promoted by those who see prostitution as a normal job.

Short break

Kathleen Richardson: From ‘sex’ robots to AI ‘girlfriends’ – how pornography is destroying intimacy. According to Andrea Dworkin, the word pornography has its origins in two Greek words: graphos (writing) and porne (sexual slavery). Pornography therefore means both sexual abuse and its transmission. It makes little difference whether it’s transmitted via pottery, writing or computer screens, but since the arrival of the internet, ever more violent porn has become available 24/7 to all. The twin industries of porn and online technology are leading to the loss of social communication skills and the conflation of sex and violence. New antisocial pornographic technologies are arising – from ‘sex’ robots to AI ‘girlfriends’ – and further contributing to the loss of love, mutual intimacy and connection. These are the themes that Kathleen will be discussing in this talk.


Closing announcements followed by All the Fun Girls sung by Heli St Luce.

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