Mini-conference: Tackling Street Harassment of Women

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Location: Hallé St Peter’s40 Blossom Street Ancoats M4 6BF

Date: Monday, 6th November 2023

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 GMT

Join us for an illuminating evening focusing on tackling street harassment of women in Greater Manchester and making public spaces more accessible to women. Join us for a mini-conference presenting findings from three projects to generate discussion and plans amongst key stakeholders, policy-makers, planners, urban designers, senior leaders and relevant charities to share the learning from the projects.

The projects are:

(a) Abuse of Women Who Run, a University of Manchester N8 funded project aiming to understand more about the experiences and fears of women who run in GM and Merseyside;

(b) Right to the Streets, a Trafford based project funded by Home Office Safer Streets aiming to make streets safer by tackling gender based harassment and violence;

(c) What Women Want, funded by the ESRC IAA which surveyed GM women about their perceptions of safety and their experiences of walking and cycling in the region (amongst other questions about care, employment, and political engagement).

We hope this event will allow those in positions of policy making and strategic development to learn from and use the project findings. The event will incorporate 3 short presentations followed by roundtable discussions focusing on what actions can be taken forward to improve women’s use of public space.

Event organisers:

Dr Rose Broad, Senior Lecturer – Criminology, University of Manchester

Dr Caroline Miles, Senior Lecturer – Criminology, University of Manchester

Dr Rosalind Shorrocks, Senior Lecturer – Politics, University of Manchester

Eve Holt, Strategic Director for GM Moving

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