News – Surrey domestic abuse services secures £2m funding

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A £2m project is to be set up to tackle domestic abuse and stalking in Surrey. The money, spread over two years, will be used to create a Domestic Abuse Hub, which will be open to anyone to receive advice and help from services. It will also work with other agencies to try to get abusers to address their behaviour. Surrey’s Police and Crime Commissioner Lisa Townsend said the Home Office funding will make a “significant difference” to victims’ lives. The hub will provide support to adults and children affected by a person’s abuse. It will also give tailored help to young people using violence in their own relationships, including towards their parents.

Ms Townsend said: “This allows services to move away from a reactive approach, where an incident has already happened, to a more proactive system. “This work will involve entire families and improve access to specialist services for those who may otherwise have no way of reaching out for help. “We know that working with those responsible for abusive and harmful behaviour can heighten the risk to those whose lives they have affected. This funding allows us to manage that risk far more effectively.”

Surrey Police’s domestic abuse lead, Det Sup Amy Buffoni, said: “The new hub will be staffed with skilled and experienced domestic abuse staff, navigating individuals into programmes which are specifically designed to enhance the safety of survivors. “They will ensure we hold individuals accountable and responsible for their behaviour, while treating them with respect, and offering opportunities for lasting change.”

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