News – Doncaster workers trained to help domestic abuse victims – Shannon Mower

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More than 1,500 workers in one South Yorkshire city have been trained to help victims of domestic abuse.

Leisure centre workers, nurses, housing officers, café assistants, police officers, firefighters and teachers in Doncaster have all undertaken training over the past year, the council said. Those who have completed the training can wear a special pin badge as a sign people can talk to them.

Councillor Rachael Blake said the aim was to offer “visible support”. She added: “Domestic abuse can leave victims feeling alone and feeling like no one will believe them – or maybe even somehow feel it is their fault. “They are often isolated by their abuser and do not have the opportunity or confidence to reach out for help. They might not know who to reach out to.”

The scheme aimed to encourage people to talk to a “trusted person” about an unhealthy or abusive relationship, Ms Blake said. “It provides visible and accessible support from different organisations, local businesses and community groups across Doncaster in the hope that victims can ask for help.” The training course covered a variety of areas, including awareness of domestic abuse, harassment and violence against young people, according to Doncaster Council.

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