News – Domestic Abuse Commissioner’s Office – Mapping of Domestic Abuse Services across England & Wales

 We are pleased to share with you the initial Early Findings from our mapping work. You may recall that we have been mapping the provision of domestic abuse services, with the results showing a huge discrepancy of services across England and Wales, and an acute lack of funding that prevents services being able to meet demand. Some of the headlines from this work includes:

  • Fewer than half of survivors were able to access the community-based support that they wanted, and only 28% said accessing help was easy or straightforward.
  • Just 29% of survivors who wanted support for their children were able to access it.
  • Only 7% of survivors who wanted their perpetrator to receive support to change their behaviour were able to get it.
  • Organisations run ‘by and for’ minoritised communities were 5 times less likely to receive statutory funding than mainstream domestic abuse organisations.
  • Almost half of all these specialist ‘by and for’ organisations that support minoritised victims are based in London and the South- East of England.

Our mapping work continues over the summer. We will be publishing a further extensive and detailed report, with visual tools and maps in the autumn.

Click here to read the early findings.

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