Webinar – The Connect Centre – Engaging men and boys in preventing violence against women: Opportunities in the workplace

Date and time

Wed, 4 May 2022 – 4pm-5pm


Online event

Connect Centre Webinar by Dr Stephen Burrell, Durham University

About this event

Recent years have seen increased attention towards the role of men in relation to violence against women and girls – both in terms of the problem itself, and the solution. Much of the focus in these discussions is understandably placed on the urgency of working with young men and boys in educational settings to change harmful masculine norms. However, to be able to make progress towards stopping violence and abuse from happening in the first place, preventative efforts are needed across society. The workplace is a vital space in this regard, and provides important opportunities to engage with men. There are growing conversations about the responsibility employers have to respond to issues such as sexual harassment and domestic abuse as they affect their staff, but there is also much they can do in terms of prevention. This webinar will consider what workplace-based prevention efforts can look like, how to get more employers involved, and how to engage more men in the conversation. It will be based upon Economic and Social Research Council-funded research involving 20 key-informant interviews with individuals leading work to tackle violence against women and build gender equality with businesses.

Dr Stephen Burrell is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Department of Sociology at Durham University, and a Deputy Director of Durham’s Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse. His work focuses on men, masculinities, and violence – and he is currently researching how these issues connect to the climate crisis. He also co-hosts a podcast called ‘Now and Men: Current conversations about men’s lives’.

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