Report – ‘DO NO HARM’ Lived Experiences and Impacts of FGM Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, Bristol study

FORWARD, and the University of Huddersfield publish new research that documents how the stringent, targeted, FGM safeguarding measures introduced since the 2014 Girl Summit are causing distress and mistrust amongst African diaspora communities in Bristol, and potentially across the country.  The research reveals first-hand evidence documenting how FGM safeguarding policies are leaving families feeling racially profiled, criminalised and stigmatised.

FGM safeguarding policies and procedures are eroding trust and alienating African diaspora communities in the UK

  • New research reveals the negative impact of FGM safeguarding policies and procedures on African diaspora communities in Bristol
  • In a tragic twist, stringent FGM safeguarding measures undermine the welfare and safety of the women and young girls they seek to protect
  • Families in Bristol are living in fear with constant anxiety and distress due to inadvertent harm by safeguarding policies and procedures
  • Multi-agency professionals in health and social care, teachers and the police are concerned about the growing mistrust and disconnect between them and diaspora communities, and are sceptical of the need to single out FGM from other forms of child abuse with targeted safeguarding procedures
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