New research project – participants wanted – Clare’s Law and Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes: Victim/Survivor Perspectives.

As you will be likely aware, Clare’s Law was implemented following the murder of Clare Wood by a man with a known history of violence. Domestic Violence Disclosure Schemes (DVDSs) were rolled out in 2014 which allow police to disclose normally confidential information about a person’s criminal history to someone deemed at risk for future abuse, with the view that this will help them make more informed choices about their safety.  Clare’s Law also gives victims a right to ask the police to disclose information about someone who they suspect may have a criminal history.  

However, there has been no research to date which involved asking victim/survivor about their experiences of accessing DVDSs or the barriers they face. 

We hope to address this gap by speaking to women from a wide range of backgrounds who are:  

  • Women who have used Clare’s Law.  
  • Women who chose not to access information available via Clare’s Law or may never even have heard of Clare’s Law but feel this could have benefited them but have/would face barriers.  
  • Practitioners/family members/ friends working with victim/survivors who have accessed Clare’s Law for someone they work with/care for.  

We also have a short survey which can be completed by victim/survivors, practitioners, and family/friends which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete:  

You can find out more information by visiting the Clare’s Law research project website  

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