Wigan Domestic Abuse Champions – work place or community based

In January 2016 Wigan Council  released a new Policy for Domestic Violence & Abuse; the policy is aimed at providing information to help managers to support employees if they disclose domestic abuse. Following on from that the Domestic Abuse Early Help programme manager – Joyce Swift is looking to recruit volunteers who will be trained up to either support individuals in their community or in their work place. The role of both Champions is about being a point of contact where employees and local residents can get help and advice if they or someone they know is a victim of Domestic Abuse.  The Champions will be trained and equipped with the relevant knowledge and information that will help them to confidently sign post people into the right services.

Research tells us that friends and family is often the first people to suspect that something is not right in a relationship, but often they don’t know where to go for help and advice.  The idea of the Work place and Community Based Champions is that people will be able to go to them in the first instance rather than their Manager or the police. The Champions are the ‘seeds’ of change.   Domestic Abuse in any form is not acceptable so with their help they will be able to offer support by sign posting people into the right services for help as well as dispelling myths around reporting Domestic Abuse.

A 1 day training day is being offered that will provide staff & local residents the confidence to offer help, advice and support which we hope will start to change mind sets over time – the more people who are against Domestic Abuse in any form, the more it will no longer be socially acceptable – this is the first step towards starting to culturally change attitudes and mind sets towards this horrendous crime both within the work place and in the community. For more information about this please email Joyce.swift@wigan.gov.uk





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