Housing options

Help is available to assist you in stopping the abuse and either remaining in your home or leaving home and then returning once the abuser has been removed. Your rights will vary according to your situation and you may need to seek specialist advice. You can get advice from:

your local Housing Office, if you are a council tenant
your Housing Officer, if you are a tenant of a Housing Association
the Domestic Abuse helplines (telephone numbers on this page)
Citizens Advice Bureau, Homeless Families services and Law Centres

There are quick legal remedies that can be used to get the abuser to stop the harassment or to leave the home. For information about legal remedies, visit the BBC website at www.bbc.co.uk/relationships/domestic_violence or the Rights of Women website at www.row.org.uk – The Legal Help section on this website also has more information.

Independent Choices

Independent Choices Independent Choices provides the Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline. For  information or advice on domestic abuse issues, across Greater Manchester, no question too small. Please call 0800 254 0909  for help, advice, support, to find out more about your options and rights. Approach us now, don’t let a situation get worse. Web www.domesticabusehelpline.co.uk  Email helpline@independentchoices.org.uk Continue reading