Help for Children

Worried about someone you know – your Mum, your Dad or a friend? Not sure what to do? There’s no right or wrong person to talk to, but it’s important that you talk to someone you trust about the abuse. Even though you might have been told to keep it a secret, you have the right to tell someone about abuse.

The Hideout website provides really useful information and help
for children and young people – whether you’re currently living with abuse, you’ve been abused in the past or if you know someone else going through it. Look at their website link icon to find out what domestic abuse is, how it makes you feel and where you can go for more help.

You can also talk to someone at Childline OR PUT A CALL THROUGH ON  0800 1111

How will my children be affected by the violence?

If you have children, you have probably tried to shield them from the domestic violence as much as you possibly can. Perhaps you are hoping they do not know it is happening. However, in the majority of families where there are children, and where abuse is being perpetrated, the children will be aware of this, and will often hear it or see it going on. According to the Department of Health, at least 750,000 children a year witness domestic violence. In some cases, the children themselves will suffer physical or sexual abuse from the same perpetrator. See Survivors Handbook for more information about the impact of domestic abuse on children and how to help them