Event – Not just an add on: Inequalities and Gender-based violence – Manchester Metropolitan University

Date: Wednesday, June 12 · 4:30 – 7pm

Location: Brooks Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, 53 Bonsall Street Hulme, M15 6GX

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Khatidja Chantler’s Inaugural Lecture on Not just an add on: Inequalities and Gender-based violence

Khatidja Chantler is Professor of Gender, Equalities and Communities at Manchester Metropolitan University where she heads the Gender-based Violence Team. She also leads the Global Perspectives, Marginalisation and Thriving Communities research cluster.

Her key areas of research expertise are gender-based violence, particularly within minoritised communities, self-harm, gender and ethnicity. She has worked on several national and international research projects on gender-based violence, including domestic homicide, forced marriage, sexual violence in universities and domestic abuse safeguarding during COVID-19.

Reflecting on 20+ years of gender-based violence (GBV) research, the lecture charts key themes in Khatidja’s research drawing out the policy and practice implications and impacts to better support GBV victim-survivors. Whilst the biggest risk factor for gender-based violence is being female, her analysis demonstrates the intersections of other social identities: age and ethnicity and their impacts on experiences of GBV, help-seeking and service responses to differently positioned victim-survivors. Understanding how structural inequalities play out in GBV is key to ensuring that all victim-survivors are offered the protection they need and deserve.

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