Webinar – ONS qualitative research: exploring the experiences of women who have survived domestic abuse with current or previous experience of temporary safe accommodation in England

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Date: 5th June 2024

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Location: Online

Existing ONS data on domestic abuse largely reflects the experiences of survivors within household settings. While there are some data available on the experiences of survivors in temporary accommodation, including data on victim services, there are gaps relating to the breadth and depth of survivors’
experiences within these settings. Qualitative research conducted by the ONS’
Centre for Equalities between January and March 2023 explored the experiences of 40 women who have survived domestic abuse with current or previous experience of temporary safe accommodation in England.

This research explores the experience of women from a range of characteristics
and circumstance, looking at their journey to and through a range of accommodation types. Experiences varied among participants with some
survivors experiencing more complex, non-linear pathways involving different
forms of provision and multiple moves from one accommodation to another.
Women told us about the challenges they face, including a lack of accommodation and complex processes, as well as things which work well for
them, including empathic, timely support and flexibility for individual needs and circumstances. Women shared their recommendations and hopes for the
future, including a call for greater support, particularly around mental health,
and more accommodation options and availability.

Siannan and Alex are senior social researchers working in the qualitative team
of the Office for National Statistics’ Centre for Equalities and Inclusion. The
Centre is a multi-disciplinary team whose aim is to ensure that data and
evidence are available to explore how protected characteristic groups and
others at risk of disadvantage are affected by current social and policy issues
and how multiple characteristics come together to shape people’s experiences.
Following on from the recommendations from the Inclusive Data Taskforce in
2021, the qualitative team focuses on providing evidence and insight to better
understand the lived experiences of different statistically underrepresented
groups, whose views are less likely to be included through traditional data
collection methods.

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