News – Clever domestic violence app catches chef throwing partner in bath and pushing her underwater

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A raging Scunthorpe chef threw his distressed partner into a bath and pushed her head underwater.

Footage of the assault was captured on a special app on the woman’s mobile phone and showed her saying “Help me”. At Grimsby Crown Court, Jordan Naif, 30, of Old Coal Yard, Scunthorpe admitted a charge of non-fatal suffocation and another charge of assault by beating on his partner at her home.

Prosecuting, Daniel Lee told how the woman had a panic alarm app attached to her phone and linked to Southern Monitoring Services which activated the camera on her phone and also alerted Humberside Police to the attack. The app is available to anyone fearing domestic violence and provides a live link to an operator.

Clips of the attack shown in court, captured Naif lifting his partner up in the bathroom and throwing her into the bath. Mr Lee said she was fully-clothed and in distress. Naif was seen in only a pair of underpants. As she sat in the bath, the camera on her phone showed her partner coming into the bathroom moments later and grabbing her hair and head and pushing her head under water. No audio was on the clips

The attack at 1.25am on November 19 last year was monitored on the app and an alert made to Humberside Police who attended at 1.40am. Mr Lee said officers found the woman “wet and looking exhausted.” She told officers she had tried to end the relationship the day before.

When he was arrested Naif said his partner was “ill.” Officers heard the attacker repeatedly saying to his partner “Are you ok?” The woman later said she did not wish to make a statement to police.

The court was told of Naif’s previous convictions, which totalled 17 and 10 of the 36 offences against him, were for violence. One of them was for an assault on an emergency worker. He also previously breached a court order which meant he had to alert the probation service of any new intimate relationships. He failed to notify an officer of that.

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