News – Kellogg’s introduces new policy for employees impacted by domestic abuse

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Food giant Kellogg’s has announced a new domestic abuse policy, offering support to workers including extra paid leave.

The Manchester-based company said anyone suffering from the impact of domestic abuse will be entitled to an additional 10 days’ paid leave, as well as financial help for an initial legal support meeting.

The business will also provide a one-off payment for expenses and costs incurred for setting up a new bank account, or any other activity that provides employees suffering domestic abuse with financial security.

The food company employs more than 1,360 people across the UK, at its head office in Salford and its two factories based in Trafford and Wrexham, all of which will be covered by the new policy.

Kellogg’s also provides access to a free 24-hour confidential counselling service and flexible working arrangements.

A Kellogg’s employee who was a victim of domestic abuse and who wishes to remain anonymous said: “It took me a while to realise I was experiencing domestic abuse, but little by little your family and friends are not welcome in your home, you have no social life because going to visit them isn’t an option and you become completely isolated.

“More and more frequently, you’re told nothing you do is good enough and you’re constantly walking on eggshells in your own home.

“If you don’t do as they say, you provoke insults, anger and objects are thrown at you. Eventually, you are physically abused to the point where you fear for your life.”

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