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An updated version of the Form FL401 has been released A and made accessible to the general public. Individuals can now apply to the court for a non- molestation or occupation order.

They can ask their court to make an order protecting you and any relevant child from abuse or harassment by a named person, or to prevent them living in your home.

This updated version includes a more easy to understand and navigate version of the form, with the purpose of clarifying all forms of ambiguity and producing a user friendly form.

You can use the FL401 form to apply for:

  • a non-molestation order, which protects you and any relevant child from abuse or harassment. This order can also prevent someone coming to or near your home
  • an occupation order, where the court decides who should live in, or return to, the home or any part of it

These orders are types of injunction.

There are no court fees for applying. You can apply for either order or both, depending on your situation.

The form includes further information and guidance to help you complete your application.

You must also complete a supporting witness statement. Our template is designed to help you provide all the information needed by the court. You do not need to use this template if you would prefer to write your own statement. However, you may still find the guidance in our template helpful.

If you choose to write your own supporting statement, it must include the following ‘statement of truth’, along with your signature and the date.

Support with applying for an order

CourtNav is an online tool (provided by RCJ Citizens Advice) that will help you in putting together your application. The tool will also put you in touch with legal advisors to discuss your options.

Visit CourtNav to register and apply

If you choose to use CourtNav, you will not need to complete this FL401 form or a supporting statement – CourtNav will complete both for you.

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