News – Rape Review Progress Report: Two years on – Ministry of Justice

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This report provides an update on the progress made by the Ministry of Justice in implementing the Rape Review Action Plan, 2 years on from its publication.

The Rape Review Action Plan commits the Criminal Justice System (CJS) to a conscious reversal in the trends following 2016, more than doubling the number of adult rape cases reaching court by the end of this parliament.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that improvements to the systems will be made through greater transparency and accountability. That is why we committed to providing updates every 6 months on the progress we have made against the Action Plan, this report outlines the significant progress in delivering actions to change the system for the better.

While the vast majority of actions have been completed, there is much work still to do to ensure that the actions are having the impact they need to. That is why we have extended our Action Plan to December 2024.

The government also publishes a Criminal Justice System Dashboard, which brings together CJS data to increase public transparency and help identify performance issues so they can be addressed head-on. This dashboard includes specific figures for adult rape.

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