Press Release – CPS to have new obligation to meet adult rape victims ahead of trial – Ministry of Justice

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This will give victims the chance to discuss what they can expect in court, better understand the process and be talked through the support measures available to them such as appearing via video link. It will also provide victims the opportunity to have their voice heard and discuss any concerns ahead of trial.

This obligation will be cemented into an updated Victims’ Code, the principles of which will be put on a statutory footing through the Victims and Prisoners Bill. The bill begins its next stage through Parliament today.

Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, Alex Chalk KC, said:

Going to court as a victim can be daunting and confusing so meetings with the prosecution team will ensure they can have their questions answered and worries eased.

Helping rape victims to give their best evidence will ensure we put more of these vile attackers behind bars.

Figures show that rape trials have significantly higher not guilty plea levels compared to other crimes – meaning a greater proportion of victims are put through the stress of giving evidence in court. Fewer than one in five adult rape trials arriving at Crown Court receives a guilty plea, compared to 60% of all crime.

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