News – Victims fleeing domestic abuse given lifeline payments – Suella Braverman

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Home Secretary Suella Braverman has announced that domestic abuse victims will receive direct payments to help them to leave abusive relationships in a new trial as part of the Government’s Tackling Domestic Abuse Plan.

The £300,000 of funding is being provided to Women’s Aid and will provide one-off payments of £250 (rising to £500 where a victim has children) to help victims flee their abusers. The money will help pay for essentials such as groceries, nappies, sanitary products and rent on their previous property whilst they are in a refuge, or a deposit on new accommodation when they leave a refuge.

The trial follows Women’s Aid research which found that almost three-quarters of women living with their abuser are finding it harder to leave as a result of the rising cost of living. Two-thirds of survivors also said that abusers are using the cost of living increase as a tool for coercive control to justify further restricting access to money.

The Government recently announced plans to introduce tougher sentences for domestic abusers who kill their partners or ex-partners.

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