Training – Understanding the impact of ACES and Trauma – Thrive Manchester/ Manchester City Council

Monday, 3rd April 2023, 1:30Pm-4:30PM Wednesday 15th May 1:30Pm-4:30PM

Location: 422 Manchester Stockport RD, Longsight, Manchester M12 4EX

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This three hour training looks at what ACES are, the stress response system, the first 1000 days of someone’s life , the effects of trauma on a persons life and trauma informed practises.

This three-hour session will help you learn more about what Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are, how they affect people’s lives and what we can do to support people who have experienced adversity and trauma. We will also look at what a trauma-informed way of living or working is and how this can be implemented. We will look at how trauma affects the brain, brain development and the stress response system. It will help you understand why the residents you work with deal with things in the way that they do and how you can support them.

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