News – Greater Manchester Police announced as one of three police forces to pilot new measures to tackle Domestic Abuse

Statement from GMP

Today, the UK Government has announced new measures to ‘crackdown on domestic abusers on a large scale’. Three areas across the UK have been chosen to take part in a pilot scheme to test the new measures and support systems. GMP can officially announce that it has been chosen to pilot the new measures across the Greater Manchester area.

The Home Office and Ministry of Justice will pilot the new Domestic Abuse Protection Notices and Orders in Greater Manchester, Gwent and three London boroughs (Croydon, Bromley, and Sutton), with the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police, and other criminal justice partners. 

The new cross-jurisdictional order will provide flexible, longer-term protection for victims. The court will be able to impose requirements such as attendance to perpetrator behaviour change programmes, alongside electronic monitoring and making it mandatory for offenders to notify the police of name and address changes. Breach of any requirement will be a criminal offence, resulting in up to 5 years in prison, a fine or a combination of both.

Police forces across the UK will also be required to proactively highlight and reiterate who the most dangerous domestic abusers are in their force area and prevent them from committing further crimes. The Home Office are also working with police forces to create an assessment tool that police can use to identify domestic abusers who are most likely to commit greatest harm, including those without convictions.

Coercive and controlling behaviour will be put on par with physical violence, and offenders that are sentenced to a year or more for controlling and coercive behaviour will be recorded on the ‘Violent and Sex Offender register’, alongside other dangerous domestic abuse perpetrators.

Violence against women & girls will also be classified as a national threat for policing and will be added as a strategic policing requirement for the first time, being treated as seriously as threats like terrorism, serious and organised crime, and child sexual abuse.

Enhanced protection for victims of domestic abuse will be enforced to ensure they receive the correct support for their needs. The ‘Ask ANI’ (Action Needed Immediately) scheme is already in operation in over 5,000 pharmacies across 88 towns, cities, and villages across the UK.

An additional 18 centres across the UK will be recognised as safe spaces for victims to receive emergency help if they are victims of abuse and will be guided to safe spaces and offered appropriate support from the police or support services.

Detective Chief Superintendent Michaela Kerr, Head of Public Protection at GMP said: “We’re delighted that today the Home Office have announced that GMP Has been chosen as one of three pilot forces for the new domestic abuse protection orders. GMP have been chosen as a pilot force in recognition of the significant improvements we have made in our arrangements towards domestic abuse.

“In the last 12 months alone, we have more than doubled the amount of domestic abuse violence protective notices that we have issued. There will no longer need to be violence involved to meet the rounds for an order to be issued. This will particularly strengthen our opportunities around coercive control and can be used all types of domestic abuse whether it be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or financial.

“The pilot will be a joint endeavour between Greater Manchester Police, the Crown Prosecution Service, Courts, Greater Manchester Combined Authority and local authorities across Greater Manchester. We anticipate that this pilot will be officially launched in June 2024. We will ensure that we maximise every opportunity that this gives us to better protect victims and reassure the public that we’re all working together to improve our response to domestic abuse.

“If you are a victim of domestic abuse, know someone who is or has been affected by domestic abuse or violence, we can support you. We would urge those who are being domestically abused in any form to contact us directly. GMP can also put you in touch with other support organisations that understand your specific needs. Do not suffer in silence, you are not alone.”

To report Domestic Abuse to Greater Manchester Police, please call 101 or report using the online reporting tool on our website:

Always dial 999 in an emergency.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our textphone service on 18001 101.

Below you’ll find a list of support organisations who can also support you:

Greater Manchester Domestic Abuse Helpline are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, except bank holidays. For anyone experiencing domestic abuse. Includes a language service and advice for the LGBT community.

End the Fear includes information on local help all over Greater Manchester.

Wigan and Leigh Dias drop-in centre works with women and men who are experiencing or recovering from domestic violence and abusive relationships and helps them to regain control of the situation.

For more support services and advice, please visit our website.

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