Postgraduate Research – Internet and Technology in Domestic Abuse

Has a partner ever used social media or technology in a way that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe? For example, sending unwanted or intimidating messages or controlling who you could talk to?

A research project is currently underway at the University of Nottingham, investigating the impacts of the internet and technology in relation to domestic abuse. The researcher is a postgraduate and she is running a survey with women who have experienced technology-based harassment or abuse in a past relationship, to better understand their experiences and the support they needed.

The research findings are being shared directly with support services later this year and will also be shared more widely following this, with the hope of developing training and support in the future. 

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and participation is completely anonymous. The questions include how confident women feel using technology, ways their partner used technology during and post their relationship which might have made them feel uncomfortable or afraid, and their experiences with support services (if any). Women must no longer be in their relationship to take part.

This research has full approval from the University of Nottingham Research Ethics Committee, and the participant information can be viewed by clicking on the survey link: