Policy Report – Ministry of Justice – End to End Rape Review Progress Report: One year on

The Rape Review Action Plan commits the Criminal Justice System (CJS) to a conscious reversal in the trends of the last five years, more than doubling the number of adult rape cases reaching court by the end of this parliament.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that improvements to the systems will be made through greater transparency and accountability. That is why we committed to providing updates every six months on the progress we have made against the Action Plan, this report outlines the significant progress in delivering actions to change the system for the better.

Whilst we are beginning to see increases in the number of referrals of adult rape cases from the police to the CPS, and the number of charges as a result, much of the work remains ahead of us. We are determined to push further and faster on our eight key levers to make the maximum impact, deliver system change and make a real difference for victims of rape in the long-term.

The government has also published a quarterly performance scorecard on recorded adult rape offences which brings together data to increase public transparency and help identify performance issues so they can be addressed head-on.

Access the report here.