Consultation – Ministry of Justice – Survey on Support For Victims Subject to Requests for Personal Information

This is aimed primarily at practitioners and experts within the field to help improve Government understanding of the current provision of legal support for victims of rape or serious sexual offences around personal information requests.

Following the publication of the End-to-End Rape Review in June 2021, the Government committed to ensure that police or prosecutor requests for personal information from rape victims, whether digital or held by third parties, are always necessary and proportionate in pursuit of reasonable lines of enquiry.

As part of this commitment, the Home Office are leading on work to ensure all requests for victims’ personal information (e.g., mobile phone, social media or school records) are proportionate and in pursuit of a reasonable line of enquiry while the Ministry of Justice will consult on how to enhance legal support or advice for victims to understand and challenge personal information requests from police or prosecutors. The survey (link in the attached letter) will run for 4 weeks and will close on 7 June. It is focussed on delivering an agile solution to support victims while the Home Office works to improve the proportionality of requests.

The consultation is focussed on exploring options to develop or strengthen existing victim support provision, so it is reliant on stakeholders’ technical knowledge of current victim support services, including the role of ISVAs and legal support providers.  For this reason, we have not aimed the consultation at the public, but have engaged a broad range of stakeholders, including those working in victim support, police and legal professionals. However, we value hearing from victims and plan to involve them in any post-consultation policy testing or pilots that arises from this consultation.  Additionally, the Ministry of Justice will shortly launching a public Victim Support Survey, seeking victim’s views on their experience of personal information requests and related support.

In addition to the survey, we are holding small stakeholder focus groups later this month to explore further options to support victims of rape or serious sexual offences to understand and, where necessary, challenge police or prosecutor personal information requests.  If you would like to participate in one of these virtual focus groups, please let us know.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and we look forward to hearing your views.

Letter with link to survey is available to download here –

Access survey directly here.

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