New Campaign – Independent Choices Greater Manchester – #ThisIsDomesticAbuse


Independent Choices Greater Manchester has recently launched a new campaign to share and highlight press stories involving domestic abuse. We are using the hashtag #ThisIsDomesticAbuse every time we share an article.

We are particularly keen to share stories where the headline isn’t clear or does not specify that the crime was actually domestic abuse. An example would be this article we recently shared where the headline alluded to “skeletons in his closet” instead of making it clear the perpetrator had a history of domestic abuse and violence.

As part of the wider campaign to show how prevalent, common and widespread domestic abuse is we are also sharing stories and articles that have much clearer headlines than this and are specific in what they are reporting.

We have a primary focus on Greater Manchester but will also be using stories and cases from across the UK.

We are calling on our partner agencies, VAWG agencies and anyone with an interest in domestic abuse to help us with this campaign by tagging us in any tweets, facebook posts etc that they find and use the hashtag #ThisIsDomesticAbuse. Alternatively, email us any articles or news items you think we could use to  

You can find us online at:

Twitter – @WDAChoices

Facebook – @independentchoicesGM

Instagram – @independentchoicesGM

Thank you for supporting us with this campaign.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by emailing

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