Short Film- Safety 4 Sisters – This Is We

Between the end of 2020 until Autumn 2021 and under the harshest of pandemic conditions, women from the Safety4Sisters group programme, alongside writer Amber Lone and Safety4Sisters Group Coordinator Sandhya Sharma, came together to form the migrant women’s writing project.

In a society where their experiences are bureaucratised and disbelieved by a bleak immigration system and where degrading, inhumane language pours from normalised anti-migrant narratives, these survivors joined to engage with, re-imagine and explore writing for themselves and each other.  This culminated in their collection: This Is We.

This Is We is a testimony to the conviction of migrant women survivors to tell their realities and stories in their own words. As Black and minoritised survivors their lives have been disrupted and shaped by migration, gender-based violence, racism, and the hostile environment. They speak of journeys navigating a brutal and cruel terrain of oppression but also of resilience, hope, enjoyment, sisterhood, and a deep yearning for better futures.  

Safety4Sisters have launched a short film accompanying the launch of the collection –

To order your copy of This Is We email: with all proceeds going back into supporting Safety4Sisters’ specialist safety work for migrant women survivors of gender-based abuse.

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