Advice Book – Child Poverty Action Group – Financial Help for Families:What you Need to Know

Despite struggling to make ends meet, many families do not claim all the financial support to which they are entitled.

CPAG’s Financial Help for Families: what you need to know is for you if you work with families and want to help maximise their income or deal with a benefit problem. It covers all the main social security benefits, as well as other important financial support for children, such as child maintenance and help with childcare and school costs. The book would be particularly helpful to advisers working with survivors of domestic violence – with new content prepared with them in mind including the support available to a person leaving an abusive situation.

You don’t have to be a benefits expert – the book is clear and understandable for everyone. It contains plenty of examples to help explain the benefit rules, tactics on what to do if the amount of benefit has been reduced or if payments are delayed and a useful glossary of terms.

This book is free online thanks to a partnership with Barclay’s Bank.

Please do have a look – its free!

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