Event – Trafford Rape Crisis – How to work with trauma-related ‘stuckness’

Sat, 4 December 2021, 10:00 – 14:30 GMT

When an individual experiences trauma they may internalise the abusive traits of a perpetrator (‘the perpetrator introject’). This can impact a person’s sense of self. Unchallenged, these parts of a client continue their barrage of abuse and hate internally, and they have the power to jeopardise therapy. As counsellors and therapists we might end up feeling discouraged, seeing our capacity for tolerance impaired, and/or doubting our own skills.

This online training will help to illuminate these distressing internal dynamics. Furthermore it will enable you to work confidently with clients who seem to be stuck with behaviours which resemble the behaviours of their abusers.

· Understand how the ‘perpetrator introject’ comes into being and how they hold the power within a client’s system

· Develop knowledge to enable psycho-education

· Get to know ways of how to challenge the internal power structures

· Learn creative ways to help a ‘perpetrator introject’ to find a ‘new job’, which will enable respectful dialogues and confidence within a client’s system


Theres Fickl is a counsellor with 25 years experience of working with people with trauma-related mental health issues. She creates a supportive learning environment and uses creative means in form of drawings and diagrams to illustrate complex ideas in a way that they can be understood. Theres will share from her work with her own clients and engage an actor to role play to help deepen the theoretical knowledge.

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