Report – Dr Jessica Taylor and Bramley Clarence -VictimFocus Study

We’re pleased to announce a new report on the way survivor speakers & experts by experience are regularly asked to retell their traumas unpaid, without support, & without protection.

This report and related recommendations should be considered vital to any organisation seeking to engage victims, survivors and people with experience of all different types of abuse, oppression, health and illness, loss, distress, and trauma.

 With many organisations now moving towards, or aspiring to trauma informed approaches and philosophies, now is the time to explore whether asking children and adults to retell their traumas repeatedly, is still needed or indeed, whether it was ever ethical at all.

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Like all VictimFocus research, this study report is available for free through our website. There is also an option to buy a printed copy  for £4, currently available on pre-order, to be mailed out by the end of this month. 

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About VictimFocus

Founded in 2017 by Dr Jessica Taylor, VictimFocus is a team of passionate professionals who work together to challenge, change and influence the world to treat victims of trauma, abuse and violence with respect.

VictimFocus invests in psychological and social research, developing accredited training courses developing frameworks and measurement tools, creating resources, writing blogs and sharing this work through high levels of public engagement and media.

We aim to eradicate victim blaming and to move large systems towards trauma-informed, anti-blaming, anti-oppressive ways of working with humans when they are most in need.

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