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We’re inviting you to join EDAC: the Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant. Delivered by The Sharan Project with support from the Department for Work and Pensions, EDAC is a pledge by organisations to support women affected by abuse to enter or reenter the workplace. We’re excited to be celebrating the national roll-out of EDAC in June.

Domestic Abuse is a gendered crime that disproportionately affects women and girls. Whilst at EDAC we recognise that domestic abuse can affect all members of society, EDAC focuses on the support required by women as part of the UK Government’s Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Strategy.

Sign up to the covenant and identify opportunities within your business such as volunteering, work experience, mentoring, workshops and courses, and paid employment, for women affected by abuse wanting to gain economic independence. In doing so, you’ll be applying the 5 pledges of EDAC:

  1. Raise awareness of domestic abuse within the workplace and encourage meaningful conversations.
  2. Create inclusive workplace opportunities for victims/survivors of domestic abuse.
  3. Enhance recruitment practices as an inclusive employer of choice.
  4. Act as a champion to break the taboos surrounding victims/survivors of domestic abuse.
  5. Share your EDAC experiences and encourage other organisations to get involved.

By joining the Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant, you will be contributing to harnessing real and meaningful social change, creating inclusive opportunities, developing long term sustainable solutions for victims/survivors of abuse, and you’ll also be diversifying your workplace.

We need to work together and ensure we all play our part in creating a positive future for victim/survivors of Domestic Abuse.

Sign up to the covenant now:

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