Women’s Aid Child First: Safe child contact saves lives

Help us stop avoidable child deaths and make sure children are put first in the family courts. What are we calling for?

Women’s Aid are calling on the Government, all family courts professionals, and involved agencies to make the family court process safer for women and children survivors of domestic abuse. Join our the Child First campaign today and help us to ensure that children are always put at the heart of contact decisions made by the family courts. We have launched the Child First campaign to stop avoidable child deaths as a result of unsafe child contact with dangerous perpetrators of domestic violence. Survivors of domestic abuse frequently tell us that they can be re-victimised and traumatised by their abusers, even after separation, through the family court process.

“The family court was an arena for him to continue his abuse on a much more damaging scale. I wasn’t heard or listened too. My children have suffered drastically as a result.” – Survivor

Our campaign report, Nineteen Child Homicides, highlights the tragic stories of 19 children and 2 women in 12 families that were killed by perpetrators of domestic abuse in circumstances related to unsafe child contact within a ten year period. It’s possible that these deaths could have been prevented if the domestic abuse had been considered as an ongoing risk factor.

Child First: Safe Child Contact Saves Lives



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