Criminal Injuries Compensation: Rape Crisis calls for thorough overhaul

Rape Crisis has raised concerns about criminal injuries compensation awards for sexual violence survivors for years; reduced sums for criminal records is just one among many issues with flawed system

Following last Friday’s BBC headlines about the hundreds of sexual abuse survivors who have been denied criminal injuries compensation over the last five years due to criminal convictions, Rape Crisis England & Wales is highlighting the much wider-range and longer-term nature of this serious problem.

National spokeswoman Katie Russell said:

“Through our experience of providing frontline specialist support services, we know this is by no means the only way in which survivors of these devastating crimes are disadvantaged by the system that is meant to compensate them in some small way for the significant impacts of sexual violence on their lives.

Rape Crisis has raised concerns about the criminal injuries compensation system over a number of years and believes a thorough overhaul is long overdue.

We are currently collating the most up-to-date evidence across our network of member Rape Crisis organisations, which we will present to the Ministry of Justice as we appeal for a root and branch review of criminal injuries compensation.”


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