Help for Men

Men can be victims of domestic abuse and the abuser may be a male or female partner, ex-partner or relative. The Office for National Statistics figures  in their June 2023 report  show that every year one in the three victims of domestic abuse are male equating to 699,000 men in 21/22 (1.671m women). Also, 25% of domestic abuse crimes recorded by the police, were committed against men.

The following extract from the Men’s Advice Line website gives useful information for men who are being abused or anyone concerned about a man living in an abusive relationship.

“Men do experience physical and emotional abuse, may be financially controlled and have their children used as part of the abuse against them. Men who experience abuse from female partners can feel angry, ashamed, depressed, humiliated, helpless, isolated and in some cases, fear. Some men may find themselves homeless, experience mental ill-health, drop out of work or lose their job, or have reduced contact with their children. We also know from research that gay, bi & transexual men experience domestic violence and abuse at similar levels to heterosexual women ie 1 in 4 within their lifetime.

Men experiencing domestic abuse often want legal advice, emotional support and/or counselling, parenting support and information and help and guidance in finding and securing alternative accommodation. Many also feel overwhelmed with the whole family court system and many of those who already have a solicitor often simply want information as to how the ‘system’ works and what will happen in a court case – particularly around the issue of contact and residence of children”.

The Men’s Advice Line and Enquiries (MALE) provide a range of services aimed primarily at men experiencing domestic abuse from their partner. For more information, visit link icon contact the helpline number at the top of this page.

Survivors Manchester is a survivor-led/survivor-run voluntary organisation that aims to create and facilitate a safe space for male survivors of sexual abuse and rape to work through personal and sometimes painful issues.

The work is concentrated on empowering men to make their own positive life choices and begin their own unique journey of healing. Being in contact with other survivors allows one to feel less isolated; feel connected and break the silence and legacy of abuse.

Covers the Greater Manchester area. Contact Survivors Manchester at: P.O Box 4325, Manchester, M61 0BG or via email at

Most women’s aid outreach services now offer support to men who are experincing doemstic abuse – check the information in the local map of services.