Domestic Homicide Review Case Analysis Report

Standing Together Against Domestic Violence would like to announce the completion of our Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) Case Analysis Report authored by Nicola Sharp-Jeffs and Liz Kelly.

CEO, Nicole Jacobs, states in her opening letter:

“The sisters, mothers, daughters, sons and brothers who have been murdered at the hands of their current/former partners or family members are at the heart of this report.  It is in their memory that we feel compelled to learn as much as we can from their tragic experience….

This report is our contribution to fully highlight the learning from Domestic Homicide Reviews as most of us recognise the need for national, regional and local work required to embed a true coordinated community response (CCR) to domestic abuse.

Broadly, much of these findings fall into two categories. There are findings which could be characterised as implementation gaps. They are failures or missed opportunities where we understand the best practice but fail to implement it. In other areas such as mental health, adult child to family abuse, adult safeguarding practice and issues such as support for carers, more work is required to establish better, safer and more appropriate ways of working. And much of these findings are underpinned by a lack of fundamental understanding of coercive control, a lack of focus on the perpetrator and the need for more professional curiosity in thinking beyond basic policy and procedure…..”

You can read the full report here.

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