Trafford Council – Consultant opportunity


Trafford Council are looking to provide a short term contract for someone to complete a JSNA for Domestic Abuse and co-write the Domestic Abuse Strategy, which will provide recommendations and priorities and inform future policies and commissioning decisions. We expect the final JSNA to be complete by 21st June 2021 and the final strategy and implementation plan within a six month time period from contract commencement. We are looking for someone who has extensive experience and knowledge in:

  • Consulting with partner agencies
  • Gathering relevant data
  • Identifying need and gap in provision
  • Completing action plans and setting recommendations for local authorities
  • Writing a needs assessment and subsequent strategy
  • Devising implementation plans

Your Main Priorities

Develop Trafford’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Domestic Abuse and Domestic Abuse Strategy/Implementation. Working robustly and innovatively, they will undertake focussed pieces of in-depth analysis supporting decision-makers and partners to understand how much and how well services are doing and what difference they are making to victims of Domestic Abuse and advise on a whole system approach to domestic abuse form universal to crisis and across the life course.

Key duties

• To lead on the work of the JSNA and make clear recommendations for Trafford’s key priorities, future provision and data/outcomes.

• To work collaboratively with key partners in reviewing and developing Trafford Domestic Abuse Strategy and Implementation Plan.

• Provide expert analysis and evaluation of data systems using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to capture outcomes and impact, evidence local need and identify gaps in provision and commissioning streams.

• Be responsible for gathering relevant data from a range of agencies, analysis, interpretation including identifying trends and presentation of information within the JSNA.

• To undertake research and collate relevant and comparable local, regional and national information, legislation, policies and data, undertaking benchmarking, identifying best practise and analysis to support the development of the JSNA and subsequent Strategy and policies and the partnership function.

• To liaise and carry out consultations with internal and external partners, including colleagues, partners, and members of the public who are involved in Domestic Abuse.

• To provide guidance and advanced expertise to support the overall development, design, monitoring and maintenance of specialist Domestic Abuse data and analysis.

• Take a technical lead in understanding and mapping complex data processes across services and provide support and advice on resolution of data accuracy issues, including enhancing monitoring processes of existing datasets and developing new sets to support the changing information needs of victims.

• To develop and maintain strategic relationships with customers and representative groups to identify needs and future requirements at the earliest opportunity.

About You

Qualifications and Professional Development

• Educated to degree level which includes a strong analytical component (e.g. Statistics, Computer Science) or equivalent experience.
• Evidence of continued professional development.

Experience and Knowledge

• Experience of developing and working collaboratively and in partnership with a variety of internal and external colleagues and stakeholders to deliver improved outcomes.

• Experience of analysing, interpreting and resolving a range of highly complex data and information and translating findings into a needs assessment and appropriate recommendations for action.

• Experience in completing a JSNA for a Local Authority.

• Experience of working with a range of statistical analysis tools, such as SPSS or Stata, to produce high quality outputs, including the application of new and innovative methodologies and techniques to resolve complex analytical problems.

• Ideally candidate would have experience using statistical computing and graphics using open source software such as R or Python.

• Knowledge of current Domestic Abuse context policy and legislation, such as DA Bill, VAWG Strategy, Serious Crime Act (2015), Domestic Violence, crime and victims act (2004).

• Experience of working in a public health setting.

• Knowledge of Public Health.

• Knowledge of Domestic Abuse, including the risks and predictive factors for Domestic Abuse and local indicators.

• A sound understanding of performance management.

• Knowledge of management information systems and related databases.

• A sound understanding of statistical methodologies and techniques and how to use data and information innovatively and effectively.

• Knowledge and experience of appropriate methods of quantitative and qualitative data collection/capture, storage, quality, standards and information governance.

Skills and abilities

• Highly developed verbal and written skills to communicate effectively and present complex data and information to internal and external colleagues, selecting and using appropriate methods.

• Ability to prioritise and manage their own workload, producing accurate work within tight deadlines and with minimal supervision.

• Illustrate evidence based review skills and the ability to interpret data to inform and develop practice.

• Strong technical skills in accessing, extracting, transforming and linking/matching data.

• Ability to undertake exploratory research and analysis to identify best practise and benchmarking.

• Proficient in the use of desktop applications (Microsoft Office) MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.

• Ability to Identify, exploit, adapt and develop routine and non-routine data sources.

• Ability to develop processes for assuring the quality of data collection, collation, analysis and communication.

• Ability to show professional curiosity at all stages to ensure validity of data, especially of those from minority communities.

All submissions will be scored 70% on quality and 30% on price. Your price should not exceed a maximum value of £25,499. Your Price will be scored using the following methodology. The lowest price(s) submitted will be awarded 30 marks and all other quotes will be scored proportionate to that; i.e. a quote received that is 10% higher than the lowest quote will receive 10% less marks]

Quality Questions
These will make up for 70% of your score and each question will be scored as follows:
Criteria Score
Unacceptable. The information is either omitted or fundamentally unacceptable to the Council 0
Poor. The information submitted has insufficient evidence that the requirements can be met and/or does not demonstrate an acceptable level of quality 1
Deficient. The information submitted has minor omissions against the specified requirements and/or demonstrates a limited level of quality/knowledge 2
Satisfactory. The information submitted meet the requirements and/or demonstrates an adequate level of quality/knowledge 3
Good. The information submitted provides good evidence that the specified requirements can be met and demonstrates a good level of quality/knowledge 4

Using the above specification, please can you provide the following:

  1. A project plan with timescales (25%)
  2. Evidence of your relevant experience, with specific reference to writing a JSNA and Strategy (35%)
  3. Evidence of your knowledge of Domestic Abuse on a local and national scale, with specific reference to legislation, policy and provision (30%)
  4. Evidence of your skills and abilities in regards to this role (30%)

Please send your completed applications to [email protected] by 5pm on 12th March 2021.