Event – Karma Nirvana – Day of Memory

This year’s leading event for the annual Day of Memory will be a virtual conference on the 14th July.Register your place at https://events.streamgo.co.uk/KN-DOM/register, to allocate your seat at the event.  Speakers include:Dr Jasvinder Sanghera CBE – Founder of Karma NirvanaNatasha Rattu – Executive Director of Karma NirvanaNazir Afzal OBEPayzee Mahmod – Sister of Banaz MahmodCaroline Goode – Investigating officer in the Banaz InvestigationMelissa Harrigan – Friend of Shafilea AhmedGeraint Jones – Investigating officer in the Shafilea InvestigationDame Vera Baird QC – Victims Commissioner Every year Karma Nirvana marks the 14th July to remember all those lost in the name of ‘so-called’ honour, after successfully petitioning the government for a national Day of Memory. With over 100,000 signatures, we successfully campaigned for the first-ever Day of Memory, marked on Shafilea Ahmed’s birthday. Shafilea was killed by her parents in 2003 when she was just 17, for bringing ‘dishonour’ on her family by embracing a ‘Western’ lifestyle. They suffocated her by stuffing a plastic bag into her mouth, then dumped her body. They were later found guilty of her murder and given life sentences. We refuse to let women like Shafilea become forgotten. Karma Nirvana will also be launching its national communication toolkit to help you to help us #ShineTheSpotlight on #HonourBasedAbuse.  We invite you to join us as #WeRemember all those lost and look forward to seeing you on the 14th July.